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Graham Howard

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Internationally renowned Wildlife Artist, Graham Howard, started his career as an Architect, Bush Pilot & Mushroom Expert. He is now Canada's leading INK BRUSH ARTIST & LOGO DESIGNER. In a few simple brush strokes, Graham conveys a ZEN AWARENESS of the Essential Nature of his subjects.

"ESSENTIAL ART" is a term coined by Graham to describe his style of Art. In a meditative process, he creates over 100 ink brush drawings with a REAL ink and brush (not on a computer!). The most expressive elements are then selected and combined into a single drawing which is then further refined and simplified. When the addition of one more brush stroke will make the design too crowded or the removal of a single brush stroke will make it nonsense, he knows he has captured the "ZEN AWARENESS" of his subject.

Graham has created unique designs for the Royal Canadian Mint, National Geographic, the Audubon Society as well as Private Companies and Corporations. His work appears in Corporate Offices and homes around the world as Sculptured Wall Carpets, Sand Blasted Cedar panels, Embroidered Tapestries and as Laser Cut Reliefs. It also appears as tattoos on every conceivable part of the human body (check out our ACCESSORIES SECTION FOR THIS ONE).

Graham's simple line designs are a perfect fit for his FULL FRONT 3D PUFF EMBROIDERY, which he invented over 15 years ago and continues to be a TRADE MARK APPLICATION of his UNIQUE embroidery. He uses extremely durable Marine Closed Cell Foam for all his 3D PUFF EMBROIDERY applications as well as a Natural Fibre Rayon Embroidery Thread.

Furthermore, the simplicity of his LOGO DESIGNS are easily translated into print forming well separated colours and as IN LASER CUT APPLICATIONS.

Please look at our link "Accessories" to see how easy it is to get your own distinctive Logo designed for you.

I thank you for checking out this site. May the LAW OF KARMA enrich your Human Experience.



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